Beckon creates intuitive enterprise software that lets marketers unlock their data in real time to unlock growth. They are transforming the way marketers manage data and reporting, and overturning decades of assumptions in the process. 
Creative Director and Designer
The client sought a series of eBooks to effectively convey their exceptional value to customers, aiming for a distinctive presence amidst the prevalent tech-driven imagery in the market. Explore glimpses from three distinct digital publications, where original watercolors seamlessly blend with clean typography, crafting a bold and compelling marketing narrative.
This unique design deliverable not only set my client apart in a tech-centric market but also captured the essence of their value proposition. The integration of original watercolors and crisp typography not only enhanced visual appeal but also communicates a compelling narrative, leaving a lasting impression on customers and reinforcing the brand's distinct identity and eventually helped position position them for a successful acquisition.     
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