This project is the result of a dedicated group of colleagues at Media.Monks who recognized the urgent need for a comprehensive resource on diversity and inclusion in marketing. With over 2 billion disabled individuals worldwide, constituting 37.5% of the global population, we felt compelled to make a difference.​​​​​​​
Creative Director, design of UX/UI, image assets, writer, and lead designer/doodler.

I joined the team shortly after the project kick off and the site design was already in progress. The design was originally aligned with Firewood branding, but after a recent acquisition of the company by Media.Monks, we needed to pivot the branding, which was still in the defining stages. The new brand aimed to embody 'An Artist's Hand,' prioritize dynamic photography, and embrace a palette of vibrant colors."
This site was a year long labor of love created by a volunteer team who researched, wrote, and designed the website on their own time. I co-led the project, wrote drafts, fact-checked, and added insights. Once launched, our passion project attracted new client leads and gained recognition from the Association of National Advertisers and others. 

We started with extensive research on who this website would serve and then I created a sitemap.
In response to the evolving Media.Monks brand, I proactively redesigned the website, infusing it with an artistic and captivating aesthetic. The result aligns seamlessly with the new brand identity, exuding excitement and artistic flair. This website is a testament to our commitment to deliver a holistic user experience, inspiring marketers to embrace diversity and inclusion.

Sample website page

Website logo

Sample website statistic with hand drawn illustrations

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