Client: Media.Monks 
My role: Creative Director, design of UX/UI, image assets, writer, and lead designer/doodler.
This project is the result of a dedicated group of colleagues at Media.Monks who recognized the urgent need for a comprehensive resource on diversity and inclusion in marketing. With over 2 billion disabled individuals worldwide, constituting 37.5% of the global population, we felt compelled to make a difference.
This labor of love was created by a volunteer team who researched, wrote, and designed the website on their own time. We co-led the project, wrote drafts, fact-checked, and added insights. Once launched, our passion project attracted new client leads and gained recognition from the Association of National Advertisers and others.
Visit our website to access practical insights and actionable strategies, empowering marketers to adopt an inclusive mindset and effect meaningful change. Together, we believe marketing can evolve into a force for positive societal impact.
The Process
The creation of this website was a year-long journey, marked by meticulous attention to detail and weekly collaborative meetings. Our discussions encompassed every aspect, from structuring the categories to researching and crafting the content, all the way to establishing a captivating brand identity. We started with extensive research on who this website would serve and then created a sitemap.
Within this process, my role focused on the Age category, where I dedicated my time to thorough research and compelling writing. Additionally, I actively participated in the collective decision-making process to determine the perfect name for the site. In parallel, I took on the responsibility of designing the logo, ensuring it captured the essence of our mission.

Sample website page

Website logo

To infuse the site with a humanistic touch and maintain alignment with Media.Monks' artistically handcrafted brand elements, we incorporated hand-drawn doodles and other artistic elements throughout. I invested significant effort in creating each doodle by hand, later refining and transforming them into vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator.

Sample website statistic with hand drawn illustrations

This website stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering a holistic user experience. Our dedicated efforts in research, design, and visual storytelling have resulted in a platform that not only informs but also captivates. By infusing humanistic elements and meticulous attention to detail into every aspect, we aim to inspire and empower marketers to embrace diversity and inclusion as fundamental pillars of their work.
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