ColigoMed is a health tech company headquartered in San Jose, California. The company uses AI and ML to help providers improve their quality of care while scaling their practices to treat more patients. 
Project Manager, Creative Director, Brand Strategist, UI/UX Designer, and Production Artist.
ColigoMed needed a swift, budget-friendly website launch while refining their brand in a competitive market. The challenge was to integrate their identity as a leading healthcare provider and tech innovator. Utilizing AI and Machine Learning, ColigoMed is revolutionizing healthcare and solving its most complex problems in the healthcare space. 
Branded, modernized and brought consistency to this exciting startup.
This site is currently in development and scheduled to launch very soon.  


- Lack of hierarchy in messaging
- Non-existent grid structures
- No clear call to action
- Overuse of gradients lowering readability and strength of the logo
Stage 1. Market research and user flow design
- Initiated the project with comprehensive market research, analyzing competitors and helped define brand positioning and strategy.
- Brainstormed with the copy writer and synthesized research findings and developed a site map and wire frames that aligned with user needs and project goals.
Stage 2. Concept development and UX
- Led the conceptualization phase, to present two clear design direction with alternate images.
- Created detailed wire frames. Created a balance of showcasing the company as a healthcare company as well as an innovative tech company.
Stage 3. UI design and design explorations​​​​​​​
- Created an interactive high-fidelity prototype using Figma.
- Reinforced the blue/green brand color palette and created custom illustrations to explain complicated messaging. Used some photography to help create a humanistic and approachable tone.
Stage 4. User testing and iteration
- Organized user testing sessions with a diverse group of participants to gather feedback on the site's readability and flow. Utilized both in-person and remote testing methods to collect a wide range of insights.
- Analyzed feedback to identify issues and areas for improvement. Implemented design iterations to address user concerns and improve the overall user experience.
Stage 5. Final presentation and dev handoff
- Presented final website design to stakeholders.
- Worked with development team, to ensuring a smooth handoff and explained animations, rollovers and other interactivity.
-Conducted QA to make sure development reflected design, was responsive and optimized for quick loading. 
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