Here are a few projects that I worked on for Google while at Media.Monks.
Project 1: AppDev Email Campaign
Project 2: Google Local Services Campaign
Project 3: Website for Ads Creative Services
Project 1: AppDev Email Campaign
The Ask: Develop a new campaign to support and encourage SMBs to adopt best practices for their App campaigns. These emails are intended to help customers maximize efficiency and grow their current campaigns.
Outcomes: The campaign delighted customers and was extremely successful. In particular, the playful and imaginative animations at the top of each email were a major hit with customers and served to further reinforce the message and branding of the campaign. 
My Role: Senior Art Director
I crafted storyboards for the animations that appeared at the top of each email in the campaign. Each of the animations started by using the same basic shapes in the Google palette and then morphed into complex illustrations to not only connect with the email's mail message but also delight the recipient and create a memorable visual experience.  
Because the emails used AMP and were interactive, the information did not overwhelm the recipient which led to higher click-through rates. The recipient received the email on the left and could choose to click it open for in-depth instructions. 
Project 2: Local Services by Google (GLS) 
The Ask: Create a pitch deck to help the sales team showcase the value of Google Local Services to potential partners, called aggregators, and make it easier for them to sign on. GLS is a pay-per-lead ad platform that connects consumers with providers who offer those service.
The Process: Overwhelmed with insights, we needed to start prioritizing data points to form
a strategy. We wrote down the key insights and then presented our synthesis to stakeholders with two distinct approaches. One approach used photography to represent the different types of service providers and more customer quotes while the another approach used illustrations and story.   

Outcomes: Our pitch deck was an undeniable success, with the Google sales team being particularly enthusiastic about our use of animated illustrations and storytelling. Thanks to our combined efforts in promoting the program, the number of Google aggregators increased by an astonishing 130% within a single year.
My Role: Senior Art Director
Project 3: Ads Creative Studio 
The Ask: Google needed a website for its Ads Creative Studio organization. Ads Creative Studio provides SMB Marketers the tools, resources and education they need to create best in class video collateral for internal/external campaigns, events & communications.
Outcomes: Despite facing multiple delays due to the Covid pandemic, the studio eventually opened and it proved to be a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to the website, marketers were able to seamlessly access the studio's calendar and book time with either the studio or film crew without any hassle. The website was a treasure trove of valuable information, which not only significantly reduced the number of inquiries directed to Google employees working in the studio but also greatly streamlined the entire video creation process. Overall, the studio and its website have been instrumental in providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for businesses looking to create top-quality videos.
My Role: Senior Art Director
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