Working with PayPal’s small-business retention and engagement marketing teams, our goal was to increase product adoption and decrease merchant churn through highly-targeted, multi-touch digital campaigns. I partnered with a copy writer and account director/strategist to lead creative strategy and development of emails, social and onsite banners, and landing pages.
• Project 1: Seasonal Sellers
• Project 2: Non-Adopters Winback
Project 1: Seasonal Sellers Campaign
The Ask: Develop a new marketing campaign to prevent Seasonal Sellers from churning. Seasonal Sellers, are merchants whose sales exceeded 50% within a brief time frame during the year. 
The Process: Our team started by engaging in an in-depth research to define the problem and better understand the user. We then developed our campaign strategy and messaging and presented two distinct design directions to the client. Extensive A/B testing was conducted using AI for optimum results. All results were tracked for future learnings. 
Outcome: This national campaign was a huge success and significantly reduced the number of Seasonal Sellers from churning.
My Role: Associate Creative Director / Messaging strategy & development

The final four emails developed for this campaign. 

Animations developed for Social Media ads including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Business Resource Center Landing page to provide additional information to merchants.

Project 2: Non-Adopters Winback Campaign
The Ask: Create an email campaign targeting merchants who haven't activated their account or have left PayPal for a competitor. This campaign included numerous A/B tests, such as comparing photography versus illustration, different tones of messaging, and the use of case studies versus customer testimonials.
Outcome: This campaign was a massive success and was leveraged by the International team. Both the lifestyle and illustration campaigns performed equally well, but the illustrations were dropped as PayPal moved towards new branding and more dynamic lifestyle photography. ​​​​​​​
My Role: Associate Creative Director / Messaging strategy & development
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