VA Filtration is  a global filtration technology leader with over
twenty years of experience in the wine and cider industry. 
As the lead designer, I was responsible for updating the company's
brand image including designing a new logo, website, corporate collateral, and trade show graphics. My responsibilities included ideation, conceptualization, and execution of the overall design strategy.
The company needed a new logotype and brand refresh to reflect its change in the marketplace from exclusively serving the wine industry to serving a vast array of beverage industries.
The revamped brand identity not only elevated the company's image but also drew in customers from previously untapped markets, resulting in a 20% increase in revenue within just one year. Furthermore, the implementation of the brand style guide facilitated seamless communication with vendors, ensuring brand consistency and contributing to the establishment of brand recognition in a global marketplace.. 

Some explorations of redesigning the logo

New logo

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